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Hi dude,

Lucky you're here, yeah, lucky you indeed.

I'm gonna introduce to you this lasting viable business serving thousands of Nigerians since as far back as year 2000, that's a year after the introduction of G.S.M onto the Nigerian market.

I'm always glad of one thing, ask me what it is?

"That's the fact that I've been able to liberate thousands of Nigerian youths from the shackles of fake recharge cards printing seminars and internet scammers who claims they sell the software but actually did not." – Yes! Thousands of youths, adults inclusive, directly and indirectly (through resellers and other companies I've customized the software for.)

Gone are the days of obscurity in this business! Gone are the days when you pay up to N100,000 or more to buy a recharge cards printing software, smiles... You're surprised? Don't be, it used to cost that much when the business was new about 15 years ago! You'd imagine how long this business has actually stayed right? But it's not about how long it has lasted; it's about HOW CAN IT HELP YOU FROM BEING IDLE AND MAKE YOU FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT! Yes, that should be your concern right now.




• • •

Don't be scared, it's simple when you fall into the hands of right person but difficult when you fall victim of a novice or a fraudster!

It's a business I do and also guide and train youths and adults about getting started with it, this implies I KNOW ALL YOU NEED TO GET STARTED! Yes, I HAVE ALL YOU NEED TO GET STARTED!!

Universal Recharge Cards Printing Software (Popular DITCO Pin Loader)
User's Manual (eBook) containing all modules, their functions, and how to use them
VALID ePINS (worth N1,000) to start your first printing
Simple Steps to EASY/DIRECT ACCESS to buy bulk ePins, ANY QUANTITY, ANYTIME – This never used to be easy for others but here YOU GET ALL YOU NEED!
Access to my RECHARGE CARDS PRINTING PORTAL (Printing Online)
12 hrs/day Phone Support, 20 hrs/day E-Mail Support

Most established business men started small and started poor, only few are privileged to start great, so yours is not an exception! Start humbly. As they continued ideas flow in, thoughts of expansion and additional creativity comes in, they build and monetize it, but may I tell you that if they never started they may never have arrived hitherto because their minds would be channeled elsewhere.

I'll give you a living example as briefly as possible, I know of a young man who knew little or nothing about the telecommunication industry some years back but had interest in the business (recharge cards printing), after making his researches and discovered a company who sells software, he managed to gather some money, located the company and went ahead to get a copy of their software on his PC.

After some weeks he purchased some quantities of ePins (ALL NETWORKS) and started printing. Being a young programmer, one day he decided to study the ePins he had purchased, studied the algorithm of the software and took it up that he would develop his own version of the software with some more flexibility and user-friendly features.

He got started, studied the software further, and after some weeks, months, he came up with his own software, added more enticing features and made it the first recharge cards printing software that can be downloaded remotely without visiting him one-on-one, unlike the way he had to visit the company's office before he could get his earlier software... he changed the old process, and made recharge cards printing software accessible to people across the nation from wherever they are.

Some months passed by, this young man was able to make his first sales of his software and got back the same amount he paid initially to get the software. Then he went to the company where he purchased his first software, he introduced his software and acquainted them with the enticing features and benefits of the company buying it... after some talks, to cut the story short he was able to sell a customized version of his product to the company at a price of almost 20 x the amount he initially paid that company.

This same young man has been the brain behind some popular customized recharge cards printing software in Nigeria as at today
He has customized recharge cards printing software for nine (9) different companies across Nigeria today.
He has helped other companies secure their old software to ONE User per PC (one of the enticing features of his own software)
He now has the first of its kind Online Recharge Cards Printing Portal (No Software Required) in Nigeria today
He now generates and sells Bulk ePins of his own
He now customizes recharge cards printing software for companies across Nigeria and lots more

...And the product of that day, modified and fine-tuned, is what I am introducing to you now as DITCO PIN LOADER, a universal Recharge cards printing software.

...And the young man of that day is ME! Smiles!!! Yes, I was the young man referred to in that piece, still young though, and this is why I wrote earlier that I KNOW ALL YOU NEED TO GET STARTED! And that I HAVE ALL YOU NEED TO GET STARTED!!

This product sells for ₦10,000 (without ePins) and (without PGP Software) but am giving you for just ₦8,999 (with Bonus ePins and PGP Software) or ₦7,999 (without Bonus ePins) FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME!

Software Pack

DITCO Universal Recharge Cards Printing Software, prints ALL NETWORKS seamlessly


User's Manual

Concise and comprehensive user's manual to walk you through using the software with graphical illustrations


Online Printing Access

Access to Recharge Cards Printing Portal - Print recharge cards online with your mobile phone or any PC


Bonus ePins

Bonus Valid ePins of ANY NETWORK to enable you start your first printing before buying your own ePins


How to Buy Bulk Pins

Easy step-by-step guidelines on how to book for bulk Pins and get it delivered into your mail within 24 hours or less


15 Hours / Day Support

Enjoy support via phones and mails to guide you through any possible unclear stage of getting started.
NOTE: Phone support IS STRICTLY for those who have made a purchase!

0809-586-2268 (8:30am - 6pm)

DO NOT Buy This ALL-IN-ONE STARTER PACK If You're Not Ready To Get Started Almost Immediately!

Need a Customized Version for Your Company?
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Easy Access to Buy Bulk Pins

Gain unhindered access to buy bulk ePins for smooth business experience

Preferential Service

I have long list of bulk ePins buyers but as a user of my software, your request receives swift attention before others

Tips on Maximizing Profits

Access to carefully outlined sales tips to make more profits from your business

Privilege to become a Reseller of my Printing Software

As a user of my recharge cards printing software, you can buy cheaper and resell to your customers and keep the profit.

Privilege of Owning Your own Customized Printing Software

Yes! You can request a customized recharge cards printing software software for your company and be on your way to financial freedom.


To have ideas of the business

To learn how it's done

To make money/profits and put food on their table

To keep them busy

To serve as stepping stone to another extensive business

Of all these reasons, at least one should be applicable to you if truly you're determined to make a difference in couple of days!

Need a Customized Version for Your Company?
Call: 0809-586-2268


This Discounted STARTER PACK is...

NOT for a Get-Rich-Quick fellow

NOT for youths who are social media bread winners, lol

NOT for impatient or rush-to-result fellow


This Discounted STARTER PACK is actually for...

Youths who are willing to start small or great

Youths interested in genuine steady income

Retired Civil servants

Non-working housewives

Secondary school leavers

Awaiting / Serving Corps members Civil servants

Married man with vision of extensive sales and distributios

Zealous and hardworking ladies

Random Traders

Whoever loves the business

I won't act like some internet marketers who place "countdown timers" on their pages in order to compell you to buy their "stuffs" in a rush! I don't do that. I have time limits I set for my promos or discounts which I hardly disclose. It might be in the next 20, 30 minutes, the next 1 hour or 7 days, 1 month or less or more. I don't compel potential buyers to buy my products, I only convince them

...but as soon as I deem it necessary to close my discount spree, I reset my price and restore the original price of ₦10,000 and withdraw the FREE VALID EPINS bonus!

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